Learning the news!

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about being a mother. In fact, I never knew what to say when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up because nothing came to mind other than motherhood and I wasn’t sure that was an acceptable answer. I had the goal of getting married when I was 23 and having my first baby when I was 24. I grew up with three sisters in a close family with amazing parents and I wanted to start my family young so that I could have a big family and hopefully *fingers crossed* be around to enjoy it for many, many years.
I met the love of my life, 5 short years ago, in a Barnes and Noble Cafe. He walked in with a bouquet of flowers while I was working, said “Happy Tuesday” turning to leave before even telling me his name. Fast forward and now we’re happily married with a baby on the way and we cannot wait to meet our little one!!
engagement laugh
Taira Marie Photography
I have always been a planner, I like structure. So when my husband and I started talking about how soon after marriage to start our family, I started planning! Planning a future nursery on pinterest, a sweet way to tell my husband that we were expecting, and kept adding to the list of baby names that I already had going in my phone.
I was two days late for my period when I bought a pregnancy test, locked myself in the bathroom of our apartment in Queen Anne, and patiently waited for the results. When the first line appeared, my heart started racing. It seemed too soon to be the negative line. A few minutes later the second line appeared – I was pregnant!!
pregnancy test
When we found out the best news – 04/19/18
I cannot explain to you what I felt in that moment. I cried, mostly happy tears. But sad tears too. Sad tears because my grandpa Eoff (one of my favorite people on the entire planet) had suddenly passed away two months previously and I so badly wanted him around to share in our excitement.
All my planning in that moment, left. I didn’t think that I could walk back into our living room and casually sit down to watch TV with Eddie. I had to tell him. I walked right out of the bathroom and sat down next to him on the cough and set my pregnancy test on his lap. He looked at it for what felt like forever and then we hugged and cried! We couldn’t believe our luck! That same night, we drove over to my parents because I couldn’t wait to share our news!! My cute announcement ideas will have to wait until baby number two.
8 weeks baby P
8 week ultrasound photo – 05/17/18

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