First Trimester Bump Date

Weeks 1-13

  • How far along were you at your first appointment? I was 8 weeks at the time of my first appointment, although baby was only measuring 7 weeks, 4 days.

8 weeks baby P

  • Due date? December 26th, 2018 Heart
  • What made you think you were pregnant? I didn’t actually think that I was pregnant, we had only been trying for 1 month. I was working full-time and going to school full-time and was tired 24/7. When I took the pregnancy test, I was only two days late for my period and was shocked but overjoyed to find out that I was pregnant!
  • Were you nauseous? I felt nauseous from morning to night from about 6 to 15 weeks. Never got sick and when I felt nauseous, eating a little something helped.
  • Cravings? No cravings at this point.
  • Aversions? All Mediterranean food and most meat (besides ground turkey). Also couldn’t drink my daily vanilla chai because it made me feel sick!
  • Weight gain? Lost 5-6 lbs in the first trimester due to nausea.
  • Physical changes? Not showing yet!
  • Have you bought maternity clothes yet? Still wearing my regular clothes.
  • Do you know the gender? Hubby and I have decided not to find out and be surprised! Countdown begins now!
  • Have you started the nursery? Yes, at least Pinterest planning had began. Eddie told me before we got pregnant that he wanted a nautical nursery so it made planning easy.
  • How was your first trimester? First trimester seemed to drag on forever. We were so excited to learn that we were pregnant that it was torture waiting to announce the news to our extended family! I remember being so nervous that I’d miscarry initially that every time I’d use the bathroom I’d check to make sure there wasn’t any blood. I wanted this baby so badly that I was nervous something would go wrong. I prayed for this baby everyday (multiple times a day) and found comfort knowing that my Grandpa Eoff would be watching over our babe for the next nine months until it was time for us to meet him/her. Besides the constant feeling of nausea and having a tender chest, I was just overly tired my first trimester and took naps whenever my work/school schedule would allow.
  • How big is the baby end of the first trimester? According to the Bump app, baby was the size of a lemon at 13 weeks – about 2.9 inches long, weighing about .81 ounces. Crazy how you can already love something so small, so much.

I didn’t take any “bump” pics my first trimester because I hadn’t noticed any changes yet!


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