Hospital Bag

What I packed in my hospital bag:

As a first time mom, I didn’t know what I should be packing in my hospital bag. I primarily relied on pinterest to provide me with a detailed list, as I wanted to have everything that I could possibly need. BUT I definitely overpacked haha

For mama –

A labor and breastfeeding gown, a floral robe for photos, 2-3 pairs of the softest maternity pajamas (top & bottoms), a warm dress and sweater to go home in, 2 nursing bras, slippers, non-slip socks, sandals for the shower, makeup bag, hair straightener, glasses, contact lenses, lip-balm, hair ties, nursing pads and nipple cream, big underwear, stool softener, toiletries, a pack of pads, bath towel, phone charger(s), camera, etc. I also had printed off a birth certificate form and had everything filled out that I could. I packed pediatrician information, my birth plan, insurance information, our baby book to have Grangers footprints stamped in, and a notebook to write down any important information I was given. I also packed some cash and a starbucks gift-card for my hubby.





For papa –

A couple changes of clothes, pajamas, slippers, toiletries, we also packed a lot of snacks (beef jerky, dried mango/strawberries, protein bars, trolli sour brite llamas and smarties).

For baby –

Since we didn’t know the sex of the baby – I packed 2 girl outfits & 2 boy outfits, headbands, hats, socks, mittens, 2-3 white long-sleeve onesies with built-in mittens in the sleeves, 2 swaddles for photos, and a warm blanket to use in the carseat on the way home. A carseat cover, I also decided to bring a boppy pillow for breastfeeding.

And then in the diaper bag – I had a pack of diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, a pacifier, pacifier wipes, a nursing cover, another warm outfit or two, and a book.


What I didn’t use

For mama –

  • My floral robe for photos – I was incredibly SORE after birth, I had an episiotomy and did not feel like changing my clothes often so I was in my labor/breastfeeding gown for Grangers newborn photos instead of changing into my cute robe (which I partially regret haha)
  • 2 pairs of  pajamas & going home outfit – I wore a hospital gown until I showered and then I put on the labor/breastfeeding gown that I had brought until I discharged from the hospital. I wore pajamas home with slippers LOL
  • I only needed 1 nursing bra and could have got away with only packing 2 sets of nursing pads. My milk supply didn’t come in until a day or two after getting home.
  • Sandals for the shower – I didn’t even think to use my sandals when I was at the hospital
  • Big underwear & pads – there is no reason to pack underwear or pads, the hospital provided everything that I needed (mesh underwear, pads, ice packs, tucks, ointment) and sent me home with enough to get me through the first week.
  • Camera – We just used our iphones to take photos.
  • Stool softener – the hospital will give you both pain medication and stool softeners while you’re in the hospital and will send you home with prescriptions as well so no use buying anything beforehand.
  • Pediatrician information, my birth plan, the notebook – you will need to know the name of the pediatrician and the clinic name but that’s it. I was induced so my birth plan was irrelevant from the get go – nothing went as I thought it would and no one ever asked for it. I also didn’t take any notes, the hospital gives you a lot of information to take home on breastfeeding, self-care, newborn care, etc.

For baby –

  • I packed about 4 outfits too many haha we only used one outfit with a onesie w/mittens underneath to take Granger home in. The hospital provided all the diapers, wipes, diaper cream, shirts, and hats that we needed while in the hospital.
  • I also didn’t use the boppy pillow once in the hospital. I just used their pillows and haven’t used it since being home either other than to sit Granger on the couch in.*




What I’d bring next time, that I didn’t have

  • Nipple shields – these have been a big help nursing. I initially had some difficultly with getting Granger to latch on my own. The nurses were great while I was in the hospital but they recommended that I use nipple shields for various reasons. Using them has both pros and cons but it does prevent any discomfort that comes with breastfeeding which was nice.
  • AD skin ointment & 2×2 gauze pads – these are great if you’re having a boy and decide to circumcise.
  • Will update if I think of anything else 🙂

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