Granger’s Birth Story

I went in for my scheduled OB check up at 4:40pm on 12/27, one day past my due date, and my blood pressure was higher than usual. Because of this Dr. Lorentz decided to have me take a urine test and monitored the baby’s heart rate for 20 minutes before retaking my blood pressure. When they took it again, my bp was even higher than before and my urine screening came back showing signs of protein, both signs of preeclampsia so she told Eddie and I that it was baby time and sent us over to triage in the hospital with the intent to have me admitted and induced. Time to meet baby Protzeller!!


We were monitored in triage for a couple hours before they confirmed that we were going to be admitted but we had to wait for a room to open up. While we were waiting, my mom ran to our house to grab our hospital bags and car seat and then met us in triage. When a room finally did open up an hour or two later, they walked us over to our birthing suite and explained what the next steps would be.



At the time I was admitted I was 70-80% effaced and a little over 1cm dilated, so the plan was to take misoprostol every 4 hours to help soften my cervix and get me dilated to 3-4 centimeters before they would be able start me on pitocin. They ended up giving me miso twice before they had to stop. I was having contractions on top of each other, less than a minute apart by 8am on 12/28 (all of which I couldn’t feel). When this was going on, the providers were switching over and it took another 2 hours before my OB made it in to talk next steps.

A little after 10am, I was only 80% effaced and 2 centimeters dilated so Lorentz decided a foley balloon was the way to go. They inserted the balloon, inflated it with saline, and taped the tubing to my inner thigh. I was told to yank on the tubing every hour to see if the balloon would fall out or if I didn’t want to do that, to just get up and go to the bathroom like usual and when I was 3-4 centimeters dilated it would just fall out on its own. This was uncomfortable (actually pretty painful), and I’m not going to lie, I cried when she left the room.

My nurse started me on pitocin maybe 30 minutes later which restarted my contractions but this time I could feel them. She increased the dosage every 30 minutes for the next couple of hours before checking back on the foley balloon. When she did, she yanked the balloon out (SO painful)!!! I was sure that I was NOT dilated to 4cm until she ripped that balloon out, it hurt so bad! At that point, I needed something to help with the pain. She gave me a drug (can’t recall the name of it atm) that would only last an hour but worked almost instantly. She warned that it would feel like I had just drank several glasses of wine. I’m not much of a drinker in the first place LOL, but it completely relieved any pain I was feeling, also making me really dizzy. I could hardly keep my eyes open.


Around this time, my baby’s heart rate dropped and suddenly without saying anything to me, I was being flipped from side to side while oxygen was strapped to me. There were two nurses in the room, and one was calling for Dr. Lorentz to rush in. The nurses requested my parents and sisters step out and I cried!! I was so afraid and no one was telling me what was going on. It was the scariest thing I had ever dealt with. (AND this was going to happen another 2 times before delivery.)

After another hour or so, I had progressed to 5cm. Little did I know, I’d stay at 5cm the majority of the day, well into the night. From there, the amount of pain I was in steadily increased so I asked for the 1-hour long drug again. My nurse gave it to me, but this time I felt very nauseous and she recommended that I just get an epidural when it wore off. I took her advice and got an epidural which relaxed me instantly, however after 2 hours and very little progress, it had worn off!! I could feel everything. I requested an additional dose and a second anesthesiologist came in to assess the situation. He gave me a different dosage through my IV but it only brought relief for about 15 minutes before it was gone.

During this time, I was in so much pain and it had been several hours since the last time I was checked so my nurse decided it was time to check my progress. She excitedly told us that I was 10cm dilated and she called Dr. Lorentz in to confirm. When Lorentz did come in however I was still only 5cm dilated. My nurse made an error because of the position of my catheter and Lorentz had to show her what to look for as far as dilation. Remember, I can feel everything at this point, so even their checking me had me in tears. At this point, Lorentz is concerned because I’m not progressing. She decided that we needed to use internal fetal & contraction monitors to see where I was at and if my baby’s head didn’t drop and I didn’t dilate within the next hour, we’d start to talk about a possible c-section. I requested that she remove the catheter because of how uncomfortable I was with both it and the internal monitors, and she did remove it for me.

Thankfully when she checked back in on me I had dilated further and Dr. Lorentz went ahead a broke my water to further speed up the process. I also got a second epidural which again let me relax/sleep for two hours before fully wearing off. By the time it did wear off, I was 10cm dilated and had to push without any medication.

Two hours and an episiotomy later, my sweet baby was laid on my chest @ 7:55am on December 29th 2018. I was just so thankful that my baby was here and that I had survived (LOL) that I didn’t even think about asking what the gender was. After a few minutes of admiring my perfect baby Dr. Lorentz asked if I knew the gender, I didn’t!!! Eddie announced then that we had a baby boy and we cried tears of joy. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a boy mom and my new mama heart rejoiced!!!!!! ️ (The boy name we had picked, had really special meaning to me, and I wanted so badly to name my first baby Granger. What a blessing!!)



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